What To Watch: 04/26/2023

Mysterious murders, baby jedi, and a comedy legend top the list of what we’re watching in Scholarly HQ tonight. This might be our age showing, but it’s har not to look at two of the pictures below without hearing theme music.

Saint X [Hulu]
Adapted from the best-selling novel, Hulu’s series offerrs multiple timelines on a woman’s search for the truth behind her sister’s murder, who disappeared while on an idyllic Caribbean vacation. 

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures [Disney+]
Disney’s newest offering from the Star Wars franchise is something for the kids. This one tells the story of a group of young jedi as they train on the planet of Tenoo. They are short animated clips so don’t expect the kiddos to be distracted for long, but they might help a new generation get into the galaxy far far away

Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love [NBlllC, 8p]
We are truly lucky to still have around one of the greatest comic minds of the last Century. Stars from Kristen Chenoweth to Katy Perry come together to celebrate the legend. Vicki Lawrence, who weirdly had the number one hit 50 years ago today, will surely be joining her as the one other living cast member of The Carol Burnett Show


  • Awkwafina can be a complicated watch, but she’s clearly a great actress, even if she plays a pretty similar role most of the time. This makes the title Awkwafina is Nora From Queens just perfect b/c that is indeed very much who she is (at least from what a viewer can make out). Its third season drops on Comedy Central tonight.
  • Matildas: The World at our Feet makes it two in a row shows with girls’ names in the title, but in the case of this Disney+ limited series, the name refers to an Australian girls soccer team.
  • Netflix unveils three new imports: The Good Bad Mother is from South Korea and is a dramedy about a dysfunctional mother-son team who strive to find happiness; in the light Polish comedy Kiss, Kiss!, a player tries to woo a politician’s fiancee; the new Argentinian series Love After Music tells the tale of the country’s real life musical icon, Fito Paez.
  • Hulu has its own import with Sam – a Saxon about Sam Meffire, a real life Black policeman in East Germany who became a hero then a criminal then an inspiration… well, at least for this series.
  • The Netflix via Canada show Workin’ Moms has a vocal following, but we’re a bit surprised that it’s already run through seven seasons. Good for it and its unique comic voice.
  • She might not be quite on the level of Carol Burnett, but singer/actress Wynonna Judd carved herself quite a niche between her country music dominance both solo and with her late mom in the 1980s and with her turn as a star of successful thrillers in the ’90s. Paramount+ celebrates the star with the documentary Wynonna Judd: Between Hell & Hallelujah.
  • If you’re a fan of certain conspiracy theories you’ll likely love Science(?) Channel’s Mission Unexplained which employs ex-military members to discuss covert operations.

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