What To Watch: 04/20/2023

So, imagine if a creator whose most famous TV show featured a magical island, a mysterious extralegal science agency, daily codes that prevented planes from crashing, and smoke monsters created a show that was touted as even crazier. Damen Lindeloff is back, heading a night that is stuffed to the brim with exciting debuts and returns, including a bunch that suggest America might be dumbening. Wait, that’s not how you spell…

Mrs. Davis [Peacock]
Betty Gilpin stars as a nun dedicated to destroying the world’s strongest algorithm, known as Mrs. Davis. Not as a service to the Lord, and probably not in service to her ex, played by Jake McDorman (who has a vendetta, too). It’s a shame NBC puts all its good stuff on streaming, but it’s nice to see Gilpin in another action role. 

Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-Head [Paramount+]
Does a new season of this show add anything to the cultural discourse in 2023? Mike Jusge & Co. are going to find out. Yes, the latest selection of new episodes of the iconic duo begin today. Funny thing? some of the videos they make fun of are YouTube influencers. 

Funny or Die’s High Science [HBO Max]
In the vein of Doug Benson’s podcasts and CollegeHumor’s Paranoia, this show searches for the unique innovation that comes when minds are altered, as well as the humor that can be derived. Oh, wait… it’s debuting on 4/20… far out, man! Beyond my dated drug joke, I will admit this looks like a fun time. And since watching high minds when sober can be hit-or-miss, why not pop a gummy or light up a bong before watching?


  • In the documentary Idiocracy, Luke Wilson showed how dumb people would get by 2505. Wilson lends his voice to another futuristic story of loserdom with the animated HBO Max series Fired on Mars.
  • If you’re looking for a show where a ne’er-do-well burns down her brother’s food truck with a vape while on the other hand saving multiple people from committing suicide at her newly inherited mansion, Sundance Now’s Totally Completely Fine is about as close as you’re ever gonna get.
  • Netflix unveils two new imports: the slapstick comedy Ex-Addicts Club hails from Indonesia and features a group of souls who band together in hopes of remaining sober, while a vampire falls in love with a dentist in India’s Tooth Pari: When Love Bites.
  • The comedy troupe that gave us Super Troopers returns with the Hulu movie Quasi which is short for Quasimoto. Yup, the Broken Lizard organization is taking on the timely reference of Notre Dame’s hunchback.
  • Vice debuts its own documentary about the dangers of essential oils, The Price of Purity.
  • Crunchyroll continues its parade of new anime with enticing (and confusing) titles–in this case the names seem almost complementary. We’ve got To Me, The One Who Loved You and To Every You I’ve Loved Before.
  • In The Americans, Keri Russell played a spy who had to navigate being married to another spy. Russell returns to series television with Netflix’s The Diplomat where she plays an ambassador… who has to navigate living with another ambassador. It’s called range, people!
  • Unsolved murders are unearthed with grainy pictures and tense interviews over spooky music in the latest season of Investigation Discovery’s Still a Mystery.
  • And we’ll end this longest new stuff rundown in a while in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex where Lifetime rolls out its latest stalkerplotation flick, A View To Kill For. It probably involves real estate.

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