What To Watch: 04/13/2023

A meme made into a series is a bit comical, but the thriller built around the famous Florida Man meme does look pretty good. Did you know, as crazy as the Sunshine State can be, it’s actually something positive that they do that made Florida Man a thing. It’s simply because the state has a rule that all arrests and activities must be reported and archived. New York man might be just as likely to rob a liquor store with a crocodile on meth (both the man and the crocodile), but it’s hidden from view.

Florida Man [Netflix]
With its title and its pedigree (creator of Ugly Betty and This Is Us), this limited series is at least somewhat intriguing. The quirky looking crime thriller follows Edgar Ramirez as an ex-cop in Philly who gets to walk away from his mob ties if he completes one last mission which takes him to his home state of… 

Titans [HBO Max]
Baron Blood is getting more powerful. So is Lex Luthor.. The Titans are in for the fight of their lives. Lucky they have Tim Drake to take up the Robin costume. Jason Todd redeem yourself. And let’s all hope Raven can hold it together. Welcome to the final episodes of this underrated DC show.

Fast Foodies [Food, 9:30p]
Chefs Kristen Kish, Jeremy Ford and Justin Sutherland compete to recreate celebrities’ favorite fast food dishes. In tonight’s back-to-back episodes its Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Joel McHale. Chefs can recreate the $2 chicken and ranch burrito from Taco Bell, but with an app, I can walk in and walk out in five minutes. I love fast food, so who am I to say no?


  • To the hoop, yo! The new basketball interview series Headliners with Rachel Nichols finds the respected veteran sports journalist sitting down with b-ball legends past, present, and future. It’s on Showtime, and potential MVP Joel Embiid is her first guest.
  • We’ve watched the trailer for the new Welsh thriller Rough Cut, and we still have very little clue as to what is supposed to be going on except it involves diamonds and motorcycle. The Guy Ritchie-esque action is on a channel called Topic.
  • Speaking of leaving us clueless, anime’s American titles are often quite ambiguous and tell you practically nothing in a whole lot of words and Crunchyroll’s latest is no different. Ranking of Kings: The Tresure Chest of Courage begins tonight.
  • And as is so often the case, we finish our run in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, which has been relaitvely quiet lately, but Lifetime’s got one for you tonight with a classic stalker-y title with a nod to a Disco era hit, If I Can’t Have You. If that’s not enough, this one’s got Jackee. So hopefully one of the other women is named Maaaary!

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