What To Watch: 04/11/2023

Based on our recommendations, it’s a great day for programs mostly grounded in reality, but with at least a slight supernatural (or at least creepy) edge.

Am I Being Unreasonable? [Hulu]
Daisy May Cooper is having quite the year for playing devil-may-care women who have trouble navigating the basic elements of life. In this case, she is responsible for her portrayal as she not only stars in this good looking, well reviewed mini-series that’s equal parts comedy and thriller as she tries to make sense of a comment she made while in a drunken reverie with a friend.

Yonder [Paramount+]
This South Korean drama follows a man who accepts an invitation to a world called Yonder. Built from the memories of his recently deceased wife, it appears that he can continue to live with her forever, but can he? Do things ever work out so easily?

Superman & Lois [The CW, 8p]
This version of the Krypton hero’s story is getting really deep into family this season. Lois’ cancer scare, Lois’ dad manipulating Jordan and Jonathan. The aftermath of the Lana’s dams im y falling apart. That’s what makes this an interesting take on Superman. He’s usually the world’s hero. Here we see what it’s like when he comes home at night. That’s the soul of this show. The villains barely matter.


  • If you have yet to watch this week’s Succession, please mind this SPOILER ALERT. Has anyone had as busy a week as 76-year-old actor Brian Cox, whose fictional 84-year-old media patriarch died suddenly in his hit show’s final season’s third episode. He’s been doing the interview circuit this week, but if you want a more in depth look into his three years in what he’s dubbed “the role of a lifetime” as Logan Roy, check out the BritBox special, An Interview with Brian Cox.
  • BritBox also brings back the gritty forensic procedural Grace for a third series. John Simm of the original Life on Mars stars as the titular detective.
  • The second season of Paramount+’s true crime series FBI True looks into the stories behind the Boston Marathon bombing, the Golden State killers, as well as the Luchesi family assassins who were secretly policemen.
  • If you think it’s too late to break big in comedy, take a note from southern U.S. standup Leanne Morgan who has been plugging away on the road for decades, and now at 57 is starting to become a name. Her first Netflix special Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman debuts today. We thank her both for her inspiration and for making our choice of outro song all the more easy. Chaka Chaka Chaka Chaka Khan… Chaka Khan Chaka Khan!

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