What To Watch: 04/04/2023

It’s a fairly quiet Tuesday, but there are some compelling options out there.

Redefined: J.R. Smith [Amazon Prime]
I always feel bad for players who become defined for a mistake, for one moment in time where they did something which changed the outcome of a major sporting championship. Of course, by starting that way, I’m feeding into that very same problem. J.R. Smith had a long career as one of basketball’s best role players, even earning Sixth Man of the Year in 2013. However, his famous lapse in time management five years ago is not the only reason he’s faced criticism; Smith has also been arrested many times and has posted controversial materials on social media. All this makes his attempt at a real life redemption arc all the more compelling. 

Skip and Loafer [Crunchyroll]
Iwakura Mitsumi is a small town girl who heads to the city to pursuer her dreams of getting into a good college dreams and changing the world, but finds herself distracted by what Tokyo has to over. This high school isn’t what she was expecting. does this sound like the plot of a rom com or a YA novel? yes, yes it does. But it’s also the plot of this show, one of many intriguing new animes coming to Crunchyroll this week. Anime, is there anything it can’t do?


  • Of all the one named standup comedians who have won an Oscar, Mo’Nique is the best (also only). The vivacious actress and teller of jokes and humorous stories returns to the curtained stage with her new Netflix special Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique.
  • Another day, another new series of a British detective series. If you love nuns solving crimes, you’ll likely to be very happy to know that there’s a second series of Sister Boniface Mysteries.
  • In the Miami-based Netflix reality competition series The Signing, musicians from Spanish-speaking countries converge on a hotel where every week they compete to stay until one performer is left. You know how these shows work. The press talks about it as twelve performers with ten beds in the hotel, presumably to spice it up with a hint of sexuality.

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