What To Watch: 03/29/2023

Today’s top content is a mix of shows bowing out and other programs coming in. The biggest new program features a familiar comedic acting face in a surreal and mystical comedy. Meanwhile, The CW is home of two popular shows reaching the end of their runs, one of which is a demented adaptation that opens its final season tonight.

The Big Door Prize [Apple TV+]
40-year-old Dusty is not happy about that adjective we just put in front of his name. Mid-mid-life crisis, he stumbles upon a magical machine in a bodega that can predict one’s future… sort of. It would appear to do its magic in the spirit of those job assessment tests where it suggests what you should do. Everybody in his town but him buys into the wonder, leaving Dusty even more bitter and in the woods. It looks magically delicious and that Dusty is played by Chris O’Dowd ups the ante.

Riverdale [The CW, 9p]
That Archie & Jughead murder show returns for a 7th season. Are they old now? have they discovered time travel? on Mars? oh, who the fuck knows at this point. The show has always been a fever dream of hormones and genre fiction. We are approaching the end of this show and it’s time to go, but there’s an odd justice that it can bow out gracefully. buckle up.

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
This show is in its final run. It’s been a good nine years for the fastest man alive. We know we have a crossover coming where Oliver Queen returns one last time as Arrow. But first a mold outbreak at Star Labs leads to time anomalies. We will miss you Barry Allen.


  • In the South African thriller Unseen, a cleaning woman’s husband goes missing, and then things get even worse as she gets entangled with the mob. If you liked the critically acclaimed thriller Blood & Water, you might like this–especially given that it had the same creator. It’s on Netflix.
  • Dierks Bentley has one of the most fun names in country music. Is he any good? Decide for yourself on CMT with CMT Storytellers: Diers Bentley. He has a song called “Drunk on a Plane” if that’s incentive.
  • The South American TV series The King of TV dramatizes the life story of television station owner Silvio Santos–currently alive and 92-year-old. He started from the bottom and now he… owns a television station in Brazil. This one’s on Hulu.
  • The Netflix docu-series Emergency: NYC is pretty much what it sounds like. The cameras follow EMTs as they attempt to make sure their charges survive life’s dangerous events, trying to prevent them from becoming tragedies.
  • Fuse apparently still exists as a thing, maybe even a television show. Its newest addition Like a Girl is a very welcome deep dive into the lives, the obstacles and trials, of female athletes.
  • Yet another streaming show whose title is pretty open about what’s going on is Netflix’s Wellmania about the lengths we humans will go to achieve wellness by various and quite divergent paths.

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