What To Watch: 03/27/2023

It’s a motley mix today featuring two off-the-beaten-path awards shows (well, relatively), a tribute to one of the longest running shows on TV, a new season of another show on that longetivity list, and the return of one of those ubiquitous Brit detective shows.

The Young & the Restless 50th Anniversary Collection [CBS, 8p]
When I was a young boy, thanks to my aunt and grandma, I found myself unusually interested in the crazy shenanigans of Victor Newman, Paul Williams, Jack Abbott, the late Katherine Chancellor and Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft DiSalvo Abbott Landers Chow Sharpe Newman (yeah, people got married a bit on these shows). So did many millions. It is what it is, but that can also be a lot of fun… as should this retrospective of a half-century of shows.

2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards [Fox, 8p]
Lenny Kravitz hosts. Taylor Swift receives the innovatior award and P!nk gets the icon award. Pat Benatar and Kelly Clarkson are among the performers. Is this an award show for the younger set? Or for suburban dads who want to seem cool? You be the judge.


  • Quietly, American Dad! might be the best of the MacFarlane-iverse as it’s at least as funny, but less obnoxious than Family Guy, and while The Orville has its moments and The Cleveland Show existed, neither are really in the running. With 18 seasons under its belt, you probably have a good idea whether this interests you or not at this point. It’s now on TBS, by the way.
  • If you love early 20th Century costumery and Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries and are an Acorn TV subscriber, you’re likely happy that Murdoch Mysteries are back for a 16th season. Again, this is one you likely know is your taste or not pretty quickly.
  • We were a bit misleading in the preamble. So technically there ARE two awards shows, but the second one isn’t doling out the winners, but announcing who’s up for nomination. The CMT Music Awards Nominee Special is on CMT, but you probably knew that.
  • For our music coda, here’s the Texas band who are one of the nominees and performers for iHeartRadio’s event who had one of the biggest rock and alternative hits last year, yet somehow still don’t have a Wkipedia page.

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