What To Watch: 03/26/2023

It’s a crazy busy night of television, highlighted by an awaited adaptation of a Dickens classic and the dueling returning hit series on the two titans of pay cable.

Great Expectations [Hulu]
FX went ahead and answered our prayers, casting Olivia Coleman as Miss Havisham in an adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel. It looks dark! It looks fun! 

Succession [HBO, 9p]
After a thrilling third season finale which found Tom Wambsganss somehow coming out on top, the Roy siblings have to figure out how to recover after their failed coup has them out of RoyCo. However, Shiv, Kendall, and Roman… and was Connor there, I honestly don’t remember and they probably don’t as well. It’s the final season of nepo-betrayals and we’re somehow sure Cousin Greg is going to wind up in charge of RoyCo when the smoke clears.

Yellowjackets [Showtime, 9p]
We know something crazy happened bon those woods, even if all the details aren’t clear yet. While we got a glimpse and hints during the first season. the second season is sure to go even deeper into what happened to the Wiskayok High School Yellowjackets when their plane crashed–or more specifically, how they survived. The first season was a phenomenon; hopefully the second season will be too


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