What To Watch: 03/23/2023

This Thursday is all about teamwork, whether it’s as a basement-dwelling FBI agent, a collection of up-and-coming animators, aspiring criminologists, or bling-bearing women who specialize in keeping it real. That last part is literally in their name.

The Night Agent [Netflix]
The premise of this new Netflix thriller–that a minor FBI agent gets elevated quick after backing into a White House scandal–is intriguing and the trailer certainly has adrenaline to spare. Also, it has Hong Chau, who is good in everything, so it’s worth at least a shot. The fact that a day before its debut it had zero reviews on Rotten Tomatoes is not as encouraging. 

Only You: An Animated Shorts Collection [HBO Max]
The HBO Max X WBD Access Animated Shorts Program helps underrepresented animation artists tell their stories. The first fruits of that labor hits HBOMax today. This is a collection of 8 short films. Representation matters and it’s refreshing to see these film get an audience.


  • There is a cliche that true evil is banal. That’s central to the teachings of criminologist Dr. Bryanna Fox, the star of the new Hulu reality show The Lesson is Murder. In fact, she practically says that at the beginning of the trailer. She and her students look into cold cases.
  • It’s mix-and-match wine throwing in exotic locales as Peacock brings back the spinoff (probably of a spinoff) The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. From the trailer, it looks like they’ll be spending a lot of their time on a boat, so hopefully they’ve brung their flippy-floppies.
  • Netflix offers two new foreign imports: the gory Vietnamese thriller Furies involves a team whose mission is to exact vengeance for the crimes of a local Saigon mafia. The Polish movie Johnny is a more gentle crime world film, about an ex-con’s friendship with a priest while tending to those in a hospice.
  • If you’re one of the people who tallies the violent crime in network news, you probably would like City Confidential, returning on A&E. You also should probably be kept away from it in order to avoid future panic attacks.

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