What To Watch: 03/22/2023

Adam Sandberg joins Neil Campbell (Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer who also played multiple characters named Britches) for the debuting animated show at the top of our thoughts here on Tuesday. We’re also intrigued by a documentary about an American cult tragedy and the latest episode of one of the best episodics on TV.

Digman! [Comedy, 10:30p]

Thanks to this show, Andy Samberg and Melissa Funero are reunited! If that’s not enough reason to watch, the voice cast also includes Clancy Brown, Harvey Guillén, Lauren Lapkus and Daniel Radcliffe. In this world, archeologists are viewed like rock stars (get it? rock?). Maybe the world would be better if scientists were the stars..

Waco: An American Apocalypse [Netflix]
On the 30th anniversary of the Waco Siege, Netflix launches its possibly biased (“a bunch of people who love each other” is…not accurate) series. But I can’t say no to a Waco show, I just can’t.

Ted Lasso [Apple TV+]
The Richmond-iverse is back and last week we checked in on all our characters and how they have grown–or in the case of Nate Shelley, regressed. Nate’s heel turn is complete, but there are some small signs of humanity poking through as Rupert tries to manipulate him into whatever his will is. Rebecca showed in multiple ways that his purchase of West Ham is under her skin and could scuttle what Ted, Beard, Roy Kent, and the rest of AFC Richmond want to achieve this season. 


  • The couple that spies together… makes a hell of a TV thriller. CBS’ adaptation of True Lies, the 1994 James Cameron classic featuring the future Governor of California and the 2023 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress, is now four episodes in audiences are, well, not really loving it OR hating it per its Rotten Tomatoes score.
  • New Zealand’s Rurangi! is a pretty timely addition to Hulu’s content library. The series concerns a trans teen who tries to reconcile with his estranged father who has not seen him since his transition.
  • The rest of the new content is also streaming imports, on, where else, Netflix. The Argentine thriller The Kingdom (aka El Reino) returns for a second season. Also entering season number two is the Brazilian eco-sci-fi series Invisible City.

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