What To Watch: 03/20/2023

So, it’s not a particularly busy Monday for new TV contact, hence our top pick is one of the stranger combos we’ve seen in a while.

TMZ Investigates 9/11: The Fifth Plane [Fox, 9p]
Yes, this is TMZ the gossip website whose TV show consists of the sleaziest group pitch meeting ever. They have some ideas about 9/11, apparently, and investigate the plane that wasn’t hijacked. It… exists. 

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Coaches Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton are still choosing their teams. It’s a bit of an adjustment given the new team of judges (yes Kelly has been on before and blake can’t seem to leave), but the chemistry is still there so it can be a fun ride. The burning question… where’s Gwen?


  • While rumor has it The Larkins, the raucous BBC comedy about a large family in 1950s Kent, has been canceled, you can catch the (maybe) final season on Acorn TV starting today. Or if star Brendan Walsh is correct, there’s a movie/special in the works. Either way, it’s the same funny.
  • All that we have left is the cooking show Seasons of Spain on, where else, the Cooking Channel. Happy watching!

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