What To Watch: 03/15/2023

What began as a throwaway ad campaign for English Premier League soccer coverage in the U.S. has turned into one of the most nuanced and talked about shows in the country. Jason Sudeikis’ upbeat coach out of his element has proven to be much more complex than his genial, wisecracking facade and the show has built an extensive universe of the fictional AFC Richmond’s coaches, players, and fans with passion, pathos, and humor that ranges from uproarious to dark. Its final season starts on Apple TV today. We’ve also got a high-value documentary about internet porn–or the internet–and the return of another program with a simple premise and a large following.

Ted Lasso [Apple TV+]
The popular show about the bubbly American football coach abroad is back for its third and final season. And while our questions (will things be made right with Nate? Are Roy and Keely forever?) may be unanswered today, this appears to be as heartwarming as ever.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story [Netflix]
As a platform Pornhub (no, we won’t hyperlink) chsnged how adult entertainment is created and distributed. Coinciding with the rose of social media, the platform was revolutionary. Until it wasn’t. At the end of 2020, charges against the site allege that the site participated in human trafficking and refused to take down non consensual content. This Netflix doc is a film that documents the rise and fall of a titans of a shady industry. watch out of curiosity, but it may turn your stomach.

Pawn Stars [History, 9p]
It’s a simple yet enticing premise, but it’s always some satisfying junk food. It’s always interesting to see what items (and occasionally familiar faces) come through the doors of Las Vegas’ World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. However, the chaotic chemistry of the Harrison family and goofball friend/hire Chumlee is the secret sauce making this show ever a fun binge. Season 23 {?!} resumes today.


  • Yolanda Andrade hosts the Mexican Netflix import The Law of the Jungle in which 12 survivalist-minded folks are plopped in the jungle and must collaborate, collude, and compete (and of course scheme) to get a piece of a 2 million dollar prize. So, Survivor with a touch of Squid Game.
  • For that matter, there’s a new episode of Survivor‘s 44th season on CBS, where they are three episodes into the intrigue, so… you know.
  • NBC’s got new episodes of two of the better sitcoms out there. Roseanne without Roseanne carries on with Dan and Jackie going on one trup for hardware and Darlene on a more mysterious journey on The Connors. On Quinta Brunson’s Emmy magnet of a school comedy Abbott Elementary, it gets real as the struggling titular school has to battle a charter school.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for something to watch with your very young child, there’s the pediatrician-approved (presumably) Stillwater on Apple TV+. It’s got a panda.

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