What To Watch: 03/14/2023

It’s a big day for DC on The CW. We travel to both alternate New Yorks–Gotham and Metropolis–with their hero men, respectively bat and super. Speaking of supermen, unabashed semi-nudist comic Bert Kreischer returns with his latest special.

Gotham Knights [The CW, 9p]
It arrives! Fandom was not thrilled when the first trailer of this series debuted. but the tale of street-level heroes cleaning up Gotham in the absence of Bruce Wayne intrigues me enough to give it a chance. Most of The CW DC shows are gone so I hope this can carry the torch.

Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle [Netflix]
Kreischer is a force of nature. The shirtless hurricane can be… a lot to say the least. He first became famous when profiled as a young college overdrinker, so by all accounts he should be obnoxious–and he is, but there’s a certain joy and kindness in his comedy. He’s in a small bucket with Dan Soder and maybe a few others of Joe Rogan associates who are not cringeworthy. He’s one hell of a storyteller, so hopefully his yarns on his latest streaming special are at the same level of ones like when on a school exchange ptrogram train trip he became a de facto member of the Russian mob.


  • Going into its third season, The CW’s Superman & Lois has all the hallmarks of the Metropolis hero’s legend: thrilling crimefighting, costumed superheroes and villains battling in the sky, training montages, intense parenting… and… marital strife? It’s never been your standard superhero show and that’s why we like it.
  • If you ever thought Review or The Rehearsal needed more Japanese game show-style madcap lunacy, you’ll be happy to know about Ariyoshi Assists. In the Netflix comedy, Japanese standup/presenter Hiroiki Ariyoshi helps an array of the country’s celebrities in their latest adventure.
  • We were ready to dismiss the seventh season of Return to Amish, but the trailer begins with one of the TLC reality show subjects aspiring to be the first Amish basketball player, despite the sport being banned in the community. That’s genuinely compelling documentary stuff. We’re sure it’s not all that, but kudos to TLC.

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