What To Watch: 03/12/2023

Today’s the last day of Pedro Pascal escorting two different precious cargos across wastelands–although Ellie has proven herself to be anything but precious. Joel and Ellie reach the end of their journey… or at least the end of a critically and watcher acclaimed debut season. Damian Lewis engages in some spy vs. spy. Oh, also, a bunch of tiny gold men are passed out to a bunch of rich humans who are good at pretending to be other people.

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
It’s all led up to this as Joel and Ellie try to get to the Fireflies and perhaps the cure. If you’re not watching this, why not? It’s been one of the best first seasons on television in a long while. 

A Spy Among Friends [MGM+, 10p]
Two retired spooks who are also lifelong buds find their friendship strained (to say the least) when allegations come out that one of them is a double agent. It looks like standard espionage with a touch of noir, but the spies are played by Guy Pearce and Damian Lweis, so that’s a drawing point for this limited series.


  • The statuettes will be flying tonight as the accolades are doled out at the 95th Academy Awards on ABC. We’d say hopefully this is a controversy-free edition of the most popular awards show, but there’s already the questions around Viola Davis’ snub in favor of Andrea Risborough–whose performance was universally heralded as great, but was likely aided by a dubious promotional campaign. And don’t get us started on the chaos of emotions of Brendan Fraser’s cool comeback… but was it fatphobic? Only thing that we can be sure of is it will go long and we will get more tired of the playing off music than the speeches that go long. Oh, and that Ke Huy Quan will be the coolest comeback story ever (no offense, Brendan).
  • We don’t want to be the type that says “too soon,” but it seems way too soon for an ID special about the murders in Moscow, Idaho. The Idaho College Murders debuts today.
  • One of the most ridiculous of the reality adventure genre hits a new high/low/mushy middle as with Naked & Afraid: Solo where those Discovery folks are now dropping the unclothed survivalists into the forest one-by-one.
  • Over in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, both networks have new movies. A famous couple may or may not have killed the young woman trying to help them have a baby in The Surrogate Scandal on Lifetime. The mystery in Hallmark’s Unexpected Grace is far more quaint as a little girl spots a letter in a tree and finds a new pen pal and many surprises.

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