What To Watch: 03/10/2023

So now what? Idris Elba’s killingest cop in the UK is back for another go, this time in a movie form. This Streaming Friday[TM] also brings us Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo as therapist and father and Disney’s greatest modern star and human wrecking ball returns home to hyper her new album.

Luther: The Fallen Sun [Netflix]
Idris Elba rolls again as the morally shaky British cop. This one’s a movie after five seasons of craziness. Cynthia Errivo and Andy Serkis join the cast.

UnPrisoned [Hulu]
Inspired by Tracy McMillan’s life, Kerry Washington plays a relationship therapist whose perfectionist life is thrown into disarray by the arrival of her father upon her release from prison.

Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation [Disney+]
OK, I’ll admit it. While I may not be a fan, I do enjoy Miley Cyrus’ music and her performative skills–and absolutely loved her on SNL. This unveiling of her newest album should be… a whole lot of fun. Really, the whole U.S.A. should have a party.


  • Did you know that legendary director John McTiernan wound up in jail after being caught up in a criminal mafia case? You may have, but we just learned that today. It had to do with his hiring of notorious Hollywood detective and shadiest person in any room, Anthony Pelicano. If you want to know more about the celebrity sleuth famous for skirting the law, click onto Hulu where The New York Times Presents: Sin Eater: The Crimes of Anthony Pelicano.
  • If you’ve blown through The Consultant and haven’t got your fill of Christoph Waltz’s particular brand of sinister charming smarm, the Quibi series Most Dangerous Game: New York–in which Waltz organizes a deadly game of citywide manhunt–has been turned from a series of small films into a full feature film. To add to the allure, Liam Helmsworth is the hunted. As with most former Quibi content, you can find it on The Roku Channel.
  • A legendary club is on the brink–so the trailer for Real Madrid: Until the End tells us. If you want to know why, and how they handle their rare struggle in the Champions League, tune in on Apple TV+.
  • Sports movie meets coming-of-age meets Disney+ optimism in its latest original film Chang Can Drunk. The titular Chang is an affable teen who during an incident with a bully boasts… well, you see the movie’s name. The problem is he’s not an athlete, not particularly tall, and has a short amount of time to do it to show up his rival, win the girl (oh, yeah, there’s a girl), and, we don’t know, win the championship?
  • It wouldn’t be a Friday without a bevy of foreign streaming imports. The Korean drama The Glory revels in revenge as a grown woman takes out her anger with her childhood bullies on the said bullies’ next generation. Its second season hits Netflix today. In Have a Nice Day, from Mexico, a retired radio DJ hopes to make it to his ex-boss’ party where he schemes to win back a crush (or maybe lover?) from the past. It’s also on Netflix. Rana Naidu tells the story of a fixer with daddy issues. It sounds like the Indian Ray Donovan, and that might be exactly what it is.
  • The stalking is done poolside in the latest Lifetime movie, The Lifeguard’s Obsession, and that is all we’ve got for ya.

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