What To Watch: 03/09/2023

Outside of a supernaturally fun looking YA adaptation, it’s a day for faint praise damnation here at Scholars HQ. We’ve got thumbs slightly up for two veteran shows–that dark thriller with a huge cult following and the cooking show with a more overt fan adoration, and more fully up for a creepy tale of ghostly teens.

School Spirits [Paramount+]
This dark teen comedy (or comedy masquerading for teens but really for Millenials?) follows Maddie, an unpopular teen who was murdered on campus and has to watch events unfold passively because she’s a ghost trapped on campus. Truly terrifying. She’s joined by other dead alumni, who have formed a support group. 

You [Netflix]
I’m not sure if the world’s most popular stalker show is an example of what’s good or bad in this world. Joe Goldberg rivals folk like Walter White and Rodion Raskolnikov for most flawed protagonist ever as he tries to do right for the people around him, but generally winds up killing everyone around them before they join his long list of serial killings. In any case, the endgame begins in earnest today… and ends if you choose to binge.

Top Chef [Bravo, 9p]
This season is different from other seasons. The majority of filming took place in London, with the season finale set in Paris, marking the first time the show has been shot entirely abroad. And. as you can see from the title, the contestants are all from last seasons. This may just be enough of a spin on the theme to be interesting.


  • The best title of the night is easily the NY Post headline-esque The Torso Killer Confessions. We’re sure it will both score a ton of true crime viewers for A&E and increase readership for the 1970s NYC tabloid. We mean, look at that stache!
  • If you have any right-wing aunts or uncles that you want to whip into a frenzy of fear, Vice has got you covered with the narcotics documentary, Beyond Fentanyl.
  • There’s just so much death and murder in this day’s releases so why would that not extend into the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). Today’s Lifetime Movie du Jour is Her Study of a Killer. It’s tucked into the channel’s “Wicked Revenge” programming, and yes that’s a real thing.

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