What To Watch: 03/07/2023

Cold cases, celebrities living their nostalgic dreams, celebrities fondly recalling their nostalgic pasts (two different shows), houses and cops. It’s a light Tuesday following a busy Monday, so if you don’t see something you like, check out yesterday’s new items.

Who Killed Robert Wone? [Peacock]
Attorney Robert Wone was murdered in a Washington, D.C., apartment with two supposed friends. The friends claimed an intruder did the deed, but as these things go, there is waaaaay more to the story than meets the eye. This docu-series’ trailer makes it look like one of the better entries in the true crime genre.

That’s My Jam [NBC, 10p]
Want to see celebrities play a variety of song and dance games in rounds of (hopefully) friendly competition. Hosted by Jimmy Fallon (as this sort of goofy music s&^t is very much his “jam”), I really hope this show sneaks in the Wheel of Impressions. And, of course, The Roots.


  • Chris DiStefano, presenter of many “Codes,” turns his wry observational wit towards Vice’s new vox pop nostalgia show Super Maximum Retro Show which pretty much jams together all the I Heart The [Insert Decade Here] into one neat program so every person over 40 can bathe in the past. Hopefully, nobody calls him Mr. Hutchinson. Vice also brings back Icons Unearthed where the icons would seem to be the A-listers and the muscle cars going both fast and furious. Or it might be something else. Vice can be very odd about promoting its shows. It’s part of their angry hipster charm.
  • If you are a fan of HGTV, you very well know that houses have history, so knowing its demographic, the home makeover channel has a show called Houses with History. Its second season starts today.
  • We’ll end this round-up with Dick Wolf’s latest love letter to the 5-0, the CNBC{?!?!} true crime series Blood & Money. It sounds like it could be a John Oliver style parody of Wolf’s obsession with glorifying police forces, but, no, Dick Wolf either has zero self-awareness, or just does not give an F… we’ll go with the latter.

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