What To Watch: 03/06/2023

When a 96-year-old directorial legend has a new TV show with a cast including pretty much everyone you know, it will lead our round-up every time. There’s also an enticing British black comedy, while the 10th Wayans becomes the 7th comedian to audition to become the 4th host of the number one fake news show, and a legendary lawyer’s gritty reboot comes back for a new season.

The History of the World, Part II [Hulu]
Forty years later, Mel Brooks follows up to his film, History of the World with a series on Hulu, chronicling Mary and Joseph’s love story, Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call, Shirley Chisolm’s arrival in DC, and more. Can it live up to the original? No. But the cast includes Nick Kroll and Wanda Sykes, and it looks like everyone had so much fun making this.

Rain Dogs [HBO, 10p]
British playwright and memorist Cash Carraway adds TV creator to her resume with her highly anticipated HBO series opening tonight. The ultra-dark comedy tracks the path of a struggling mother and aspiring artist who finds an unusual path back to so-called normal life… and perhaps published plays, memoirs and an HBO TV show? Just saying there’s plenty of signs of autobiography here. Carraway’s been compared to Hubert Selby, Jr. and Charles Bukowski, and I love Selby and Bukowski is someone who also exists.

The Daily Show with Marlon Wayans [Comedy, 11p]
Overall, the guest host auditions have been pretty good. Up next is Marlon Wayans. He’s got the wit and the smarts to do a bang up job and he’s got Desi Lydic, Dulce Sloan, Jordan Klepper, Roy Wood, Jr., and Michael Kosta, which is a heck of a correspondent line-up. Sometimes the news is so messed up all you can do is laugh, which is why we still need this show a quarter-century after its creation.


  • The forgotten gritty reboot of Perry Mason returns for a second season on HBO. Joining its already powerful cast of the period legal piece that included Juliet Rylance and Justin Kirk are stalwarts like Hope Davis and Sean Astin. Oh, if you liked The Knick–its creators are the new showrunners.
  • The makers of 9-1-1 promises that its seventh season’s second half kickoff “will shock you.” While shock and awe are the Fox police procedural’s various breads and butters, this specifically is a pun as the City of Angels is hit by a severe lightning storm.
  • The police’s procedures are a little less high stakes and a bit more comedic on Acorn TV’s latest add Holding, The Irish series is based on a novel by… Graham Norton?! OK, why not?!
  • The fourth season of Rock the Block hits HGTV tonight. The premise of the show is multiple home renovation folks compete using identical starter house templates to create the best home of the bunch. This season takes place in a Colarado Rocky Mountain high.
  • The less said about former sandwich spokesman/weight loss celebrity/slimebucket criminal Jared Fogle the better. However, Investigation Discovery looks into the bio of the sex criminal and the detective work that brought him down with Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster as part of its step up to another level.
  • On a lighter note, the Food Network deals in double shots with Spring Baking Championship and Spring Baking Championship: Easter.
  • We’ve got no new Lifetime or Hallmark style films, so let’s end on likely one of the most watched shows of the night, the return of the NBC juggernaut The Voice. Chance the Rapper joins the coaching circle. Bye for now!

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