What To Watch: 03/03/2023

Thunder only happens when it rains. A “fictional” musical group persists through twists and turns. One of the most promising and important shows returns for a second season. Also, the dean of comedic news coverage is back with more bones to pick.

Daisy Jones and the Six [Amazon Prime]
Adapted from the novel by Taylor Jenkin Reid, the series follows a fictional band’s rise and sudden retirement through the recording of their album Rumors–I mean Aurora

Grand Crew [NBC, 8:30p]
The first season of this show could be hit-or-miss. That said, when it clicked, the program about a friend group who kept connected through wine-fueled gatherings was one of the funniest new shows of last year. It also boasts two of the funniest people from the alt-comedy podcasting world in Nicole Byer and Carl Tart. All I know is that when it ended on a mini-cliffhanger last year with its second season fate up in the air, I was ready to riot if it weren’t renewed. 

The Problem with Jon Stewart [Apple TV]
Can a politician be hard on crime, but soft on guns? Jon Stewart asks that question with just the right amount of attitude and his usual hint of arrogance. These days it does those of us on the right side of history no favors to pull punches. We are fighting for the future of our country and the planet. Jon knows this and is fighting the good fight


  • As John Oliver, Adam Conover and others have pointed out, the quest for conquering Mt. Everest has become a bizarre tourist death trap. The trail near the peak is notoriously littered with the frozen bodies of those who never made it back down. The family of Michael Matthews believes one of those bodies is the disappeared mountain climber. The Disney+ documentary Finding Michael tells the story of their attempts to retrieve Matthews’ body.
  • MTV once had Xzibit upgrading people’s vehicles on Pimp My Ride. Now, they’ve got the similarly vibing The Exhibit: Finding the Next Great Artist. Seven artists compete for the “prize” which is hopefully neither a pink house nor a VJ job.
  • Netflix’s Next in Fashion is not exactly like Project Runway, because this show…. ummm… it just isn’t OK. The Tan France hosted show comes back for a second season today.
  • We all end up in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) at one time or another. Tonight, Lifetime’s got the Lifetime-y titled She Inherited Danger. It’s the old girl-inherits-theater, girl-tries-to-sell-theater, girl-decides-to-run-theater-herself, girl-gets-stalked story.

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