What To Watch: 03/01/2023

It is now predicted that by the Fall 2024 schedule, every dramatic show is going to involve Pedro Pascal escorting a younger creature to safe passage–although to be fair, both Ellie and Grogu more than pull their weight on their respective journeys. For the next two weeks, both the shows will be airing, which should be… a lot of fun.

The Mandalorian [Disney+]
The first mission of Mando in the new season? Repair a certain droid. The Razor Crest may be gone, but he’s making good use of the star fighter. His overall quest to get back into the good graces of his Mandalorian tribe is off to a good start. Oh, and it’s good to have Groku back!

True Lies [CBS, 10p]
While I’ve never been a huge fan of James Cameron’s 1994 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, and the reviews of this TV series based on that film are tepid at best, I have yet to not enjoy a show featuring Ginger Gonzaga. It’s worth 


  • The premise of Wreck intrigues, if its UK reviews have been meh (a theme today). A 19-year-old takes a job on a cruise ship in order to try to figure out what happened to his missing sister. Also, from all the clips we’ve seen, a duck costume is prominently involved, so that’s fun, right?
  • If you’re looking for a real alcohol-based talk show, some show to set your heart free, look no further than the memorably named The Wine Down with Mary J. Blige on BET tonight. The 411 is that the Grammy and Emmy winning (and Oscar nominated) singer-actress hosts, so let us get it crunk up on it. OK, we’re out of Blige refs to fall back on.
  • Netflix’s two imports also carry memorable names, one of which sounds a bit problematic. The Polish comedy(?) Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me is a not-terribly-well reviewed movie about a woman choosing between two very different suitors. The Spanish series Wrong Side of the Tracks takes the classic premise that goes back to Death Wish, where a tough guy–in this case a former military dude trying to spend his retirement running a hardware store–is activated into crime-fighting mode due to vengeance after their relative is attacked. Its second season hits Netflix today.
  • The new Netflix British import Cheat may sound like the latest mean-spirited dating show where hot couples are encouraged to have affairs, but it’s at least a notch better. Hosted by actor Danny Dyer, the game show does put a positive value on deception, but it’s all in the name of a cash prize, so… while it doesn’t up the discourse, it’s at least just a silly game.

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