What To Watch: 02/27/2023

OK, we’re not gonna lie: it’s slim pickings this Monday. There truly is no significant new show, new season, or even return from hiatus, and it’s mostly a network show schedule tonight. But there’s a couple shows we can give a light suggestion to watch. Also, there’s a lot on Friday and Sunday to catch up on if you want to go that route.

Quantum Leap [NBC, 10p]
While he’s no Scott Bakula (who is?), Raymond Lee does give the leaper’s role more than adequate charm, even if he refuses to say “oh boy” (grrrr). Unfortunately, it has yet to completely nail the quirky appeal the original show had, but it’s still got plenty of time to do so, and the premise is still a lot of fun. Will the next leap be the leap home? Certainly not.

C.B. Strike [HBO, 9p]
Strike lays a trap when he learns that Margot’s killer is responsible for more murders. If you enjoy british crime dramas i really recommend CB Strike. This will fill the void until that Luther movie comes out.


  • Oh, there is one new–and kinda exciting thing. The spinning faux news weeklong audition host wheel stops at a familiar name for the show. It’s The Daily Show with Hasan Minhaj this week. He’ll likely be the most comfortable to date, having been there, done that, but how in the running is he after some of the rumors of staff abuse on his Netflix show. However, no one has ever said the terror came directly from him, however.

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