What To Watch: 02/26/2023

If you watched the last episode of everyone’s new favorite Sunday night not-a-zombie show, you had to know that we’d be featuring it again this week. We’re also rec’ing standup from a comedian who played the same key recurring role on two series that were their own obsessions.

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
Joel is down, so it’s Ellie’s time to shine, but then she’s shown ample evidence of the ability to do so thus far in the series, and if you’re a fan of the video game, you already know that Ellie is a badass!

Lavell Crawford: Thee Lavell Crawford [Showtime, 10p]
If you watch Showtime on streaming, you may have already seen this as it was released on Showtime Anytime on Friday, but if you’re still a fan of appointment TV, this should be a good one. If you watched Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul, you’ll recognize Crawford as Saul Goodman’s crafty henchman Huell. He’s also one of the funniest working comedians, honing his craft since the early 1990s, so his Showtime special should be funny.


  • You can’t kill Redd Reddington… and you can apparently not cancel his show either as The Blacklist goes out of its own accord after a decade of ticking names off a list in the most violent fashion tonight. James Spader returns for the tenth and final season of the NBC tentpole tonight.
  • If you know anyone in SAG, we suggest you become close because come awards season, they will have some of the best screeners. That season ends today as the statuettes are doled out tonight on YouTube. As is the style lately with these things, the 29th Annual SAG Awards is going hostless.
  • It’s kind of downtime for election talk (although the Dems had a quietly really good day last Tuesday overperforming in three wins across the country). That said, John Heilman, Alex Wagner, and the rest of the gang at Showtime’s political landscape docu-series The Circus will surely find much to talk about as they reach their eighth season prognosticating on premium cable.
  • We’ll finish this thing the only way we know how, by diving headfirst into the vortex, the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, that is. Lifetime does extensive damage to the EMT community with The Paramedic Who Stalked Me. Meanwhile Hallmark’s action is on its movie subsidiary as HMM airs A Nashville Legacy. As John Oliver would say–cool! Oh, and that reminds us, there’s also a new episode from the 10th season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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