What To Watch: 02/25/2023

From Boston bartender to membership in the exclusive NYC organization known as the Five Timers Club located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Woody has had quite the ride. There’s also a concert by the man with the Billboard Hot 100’s all-time biggest single.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Woody Harrelson joins the 5-Timers Club this week. Doesn’t that mean Steve Martin is contractually obligated to make a cameo? and Martin Short? Alec Baldwin? Paul Simon? Also joining the club? Musical guest Jack White. Fingers crossed for a parody of Cocaine Bear.

The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium [HBO, 8p]
I’m not a huge fan, but most of Abel Tesfaye’s music is perfectly good pop music, especially his alt-rock turn “Blinding Lights” which would spend almost two years on the pop charts. 


  • The NAACP Image Awards were first handed out in 1967 in days of racial segregation and strife–the same year the Supreme Court made interracial marriage no longer a crime. Thankfully, these days, we’ve beaten racism making the 54th version of these unnecessary. Wait, what, Neo-Nazis declared today a “Day of Hate”? Racism is still live and well and baked into our institutions. Sigh. BET will air these awards.
  • Few have fueled the national true crime obsession as Dick Wolf has with the vast clunk-clunk-iverse of the many Law & Order police procedurals. He also doesn’t hesitate to get involved in the docu-series as his Cold Justice hits its seventh season today on Oxygen.
  • It’s time to end our Saturday journey sucked into the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where each of the titans have a new movie tonight. Lifetime brings us 12 Desperate Hours which will likely be only a sixth of the time that would suggest. For what it’s worth, Samantha Mathis stars. Over on Hallmark, the feature is titled Made for Each Other, so you can probably put together a flowchart for what happens. But, in this case, the trailer shows no less than Ileana Douglas waving a wine around in a supporting role.

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