What To Watch: 02/23/2023

There’s a hip-hop connection to both our recommendations of the day as we rep a documentary that examines the toxic phenomenon of cops entrapping MCs with their own lyrics, as well as the gritty reboot of the show that launched a Philly rapper into an A-list career. There’s also dramatic new fare galore.

Bel-Air [Peacock]
People talked a lot of smack about this show when it first debuted. The idea of a gritty reboot of the Fresh Prince’s breakout show seemed absurd, but the joke’s on them. The second season is here and by all accounts is a hit. Will may be trying to love without the Banks family after a fallout with Phil. something tells me he will be back.

Rap Trap: Hip-Hop on Trial [Hulu]
The latest battleground for accusations of violence in Hip-Hop may be the most insidious yet as police have started using rap lyrics to charge MCs with crime. DL Hughley did a great piece about the phenomenon during his guest week on The Daily Show and now ABC News looks into it, focusing on the case of Young Thug and Gunna. 


  • On Wikipedia, the Netflix series Outer Banks is described as an “action-adventure mystery teen drama” and that chaotic collection of adjectives gives you some idea of the unique series set in North Carolina about “Kooks” at war with “Pogues.” Its third season drops today.
  • After 18 1/2 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has a much easier time with adjectives as we all know it as one of the most famous (and the longest running) medical drama is TV history. ABC is happy to have the ratings magnet back for season 19’s back nine. It brings along its spinoff, Station 19, which is somehow already halfway through its sixth season.
  • Travis Fimmel (Vikings‘ Ragnar) plays Detective James Cormack in the new Sundance Now series Black Snow. The grim Australian thriller’s first season centers around a cold case from 1994 which is revived when a new clue emerges.
  • One of the hardest working standups in comedy continues grinding into the third sesaon of her own show, The Ms. Pat Show. On the BET+ sitcom, she’s the matriarch of a family with aspirations to grind out a careet as a standup comedian–you know, the kind of successful one who would get three seasons of a sitcom.
  • In the Korean drama Call Me Cihiro, Kasumi Arimura stars as the titular character, a former sex worker turned restauranteur who sparks joy in those around her. It’s on Netflix.
  • All that we have left is the Magnolia fix-em-upper Barnwood Builders in which Mark Bowe converts barns and cabins into modern home paradises. He’s somehow managed to do this for 15 seasons, with its 16th starting today.
  • Drums please….

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