What To Watch: 02/22/2023

The edge of sanity is a theme for this Wednesday–whether its in our Scholarly personal lives or in the content of our recommendations. We’ll start with a very promising British series.

The Strays [Netflix]
In this taut-looking thriller, Ashley Madekwe’s Neve seems to be living the perfect life until two mysterious strangers show up and she starts going into a sanity spiral. The early buzz on RT is promising as it stands this morning at 83%.

Triptych [Netflix]
A young woman investigates her mysterious past when she learns she was separated at birth from her identical sisters in this thriller series from Mexico.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch [Disney+]
This spinoff is about half way through its second season and our band of clones continues to bind and getting into trouble. Omega is the heart and I continue to love each episode more and more. This isn’t Andor, but it’s definitely more sophisticated than an average animated adventure show.


  • If you watch the first few seconds of the trailer for The Low Tone Club–the new Nertflix Colombian import comedy series–you’ll likely immediately pick up that it’s about an unconventional music teacher. In it, an annoyed driver sees music in all the signals and noises around him. The buzz on this Spanish language Walt Disney production is pretty positive.
  • It’s a big day for quirkily upbeat Spanish-language streaming shows set in schools as Melody starring 20-year-old Argentinian singer Yas Gagliardi in the title role. The show features a dual setting in Buenos Aires and Miami and also switches between Spanish and English–although it’s being advertised as Spanish language.
  • The History Channel does its jorb today, with its special Can’t Turn Us Around: Alabama’s Foot Soldiers celebrates the brave men and women who stood up to hate and segregation in one of the most racist states in the nation. The special focuses on the tumultuous period between 1955-65.
  • “Franklin, what do you want?” is the central question of Snowfall‘s sixth and final season. The FX drama with a cult following surely has some twists and turns before we find out if he gets what he wants–mainly revenge and the life he was so close to having. Maybe he’ll make it, but if you’ve watched these shows, you know a happy ending is a long shot.
  • Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are not just interior designers who host a show together, but have also been married for almost 10 years. Their HGTV show The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project returns for a second season tonight.
  • Finally, we end up not in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) but in rural South Carolina for a Netflix murder show that could potentially breed the latest obsession in those circles. A drunken boat accident led to a teenager’s death which in turn inspired what may or may not have been the revenge killing of the boat’s driver and his mother. Oh, yeah, one of the Palmetto State’s most prominent families is involved. Stay tuned for Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.

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