What To Watch: 02/21/2023

It’s a typical Tuesday, one we plan to spend watching a veteran comic purveying laughs in hourlong form, fighting the power with Chuck D and others, remembering the tragedy that comes with war, maybe watching the NBC lineup and looking into a murder in Salt Lake City. Whew, we’re already tired, but hopefully you aren’t and if you’re looking for TV choices, here’s some options.

Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot [Amazon Prime]
Madigan is one of the best in the game, having honed her craft as an acerbic comic since roughly the beginning of the 1990s. If you love Lewis Black, you’ll likely love her also–not surprising since she both cites him as an influence, it’s well documented that they are friends, and the two have toured together frequently. 

Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World [PBS, 9p]
That we are on third episode of this excellent PBS docu-series and I didn’t mention the second episode is proof there is too much content out there, maybe (can there ever be?).  Hip hop is one of the power drivers of culture so it’s way past due to get the PBS doc treatment. But then i’ve said that already. The third episode focuses on the ’90s: what a decade! The Chronic, Doggystyle, the LA riots, etc. Just watch and learn and remember.


  • It’s easy to forget that before Vice got all involved in getting hipsters into activism, that MTV News was a beacon for informing a group of people who might not have otherwise engaged with what was going on in the world. Yes, it’s easy to mock things like Rock the Vote, but they had a platform and sometimes used it for better things than exploiting teen moms. Today, they’re back at it, highlighting the plight of people whose lives have been torn apart by Putin’s attack on the Ukraine with Don’t Leave Me Behind: Stories of Young Ukranian Survival.
  • We don’t usually get too involved in network line-ups if they’re not returning for a new season or at the very least from a short hiatus. However, NBC’s Tuesday offerings, while not exactly Shakespeare, are a lot of fun. On Night Court, Abby Stone deals out justice in the subways. American Auto finds our inept car-makers headed to Silicon Valley, unfortunately not for a too-late crossover, but to throw in a bunch of tech jokes. Finally, La Brea gives us a double shot of life within and outside the mystical sinkhole.
  • We’ve traced the calls… they’re coming from… INSIDE YOUR COMPUTER! We’re not sure if that’s the premise of ID’s Calls from the Inside but tonight’s episode where they examine a Salt Lake City murder case sounds intriguing enough.

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