What To Watch: 02/17/2023

This Streaming Friday is won by Apple TV+ as the little network that could gets two out of our three recs today. The other goes to Hulu with the latest season of its not particulrly gritty reboot of a children’s animated classic that even adults at the time loved (or at the very least stoned college kids did).

Hello Tomorrow! [Apple TV+]
Like the retro futuristic world of The Jetsons? Can I recommend this new thriller? It’s not animated, but it does star Billy Cudrup as a traveling salesman trying to sell timeshares on the Moon. How can you not think that premise is fun?

Animaniacs [Hulu]
The Warners are back with ten new episodes! In season three they save Christmas, visit an amusement park, and sing a song about why it’s important to be good stewards of the globe. And Pink and the Brain star in an action movie franchise. Sounds perfect.

Sharper [Apple TV+]
Family schisms and revenge are at the center of this thriller. Its trailer gives it one hell of a taut vibe and the cast is unimpeachable featuring Justice Smith, Sebastian Stan, Julianne Moore, and Sir John Lithgow.


  • The famous murder spree that inspired the 1973 classic Terrence Malick film Badlands, gets the Showtime docu-series treatment as The 12th Victim examines the 1958 crimes of Charles Starkweather and teenage accomplice Caril Ann Fugate
  • In the endlessly downbeat looking Filipino film Boy from Nowhere, young Gary is orphaned in an attack and it goes downhill from there. Check it out and cry on Amazon Prime.
  • There’s nowhere to run to from the Lifetime movie’s latest offering You Can’t Escape Me. So we won’t. Happy viewing!

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