What To Watch: 02/16/2022

We lead with an animal based sitcom, but before you groan, this one has Joel McHale, so we’ll give it a shot. And everybody knows that the world is full of stupid spinoffs–and today’s spinoff of one of the most famous sci-fi spinoffs of one of the most famous sci-fi shows is not one of them. Also, we see the rare Netflix comedy that gets to a third season in the wild… this one aided by its unquestionably tight cast.

Animal Control [Fox, 9p]
On one hand, Joel McHale is a terrific comic actor. On the other hand, he’s had misfire after misfire after canceled pilot when his character is not making fun of soap operas or attending community college. Then again, on one hand, animal/people shows like this, from Animal Practice to Manimal tend to be pretty awful. On the other hand, the Parks & Rec animal control bits were funny and the trailer looks like those. So, in closing, I have no idea what we should expect here.

Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+]
Fandom can be rough these days. You just can’t please everyone. But this Star Trek:TNG spin-off comes close to winning over every Trekkie. The third season debuts today–and there’s word that even more past trekies will make an appearance. This is more than nostalgia so buckle up and prepare to go where no one has gone before.


  • We’re not sure what to make of the Netflix sitcom, The Upshaws. It can be silly at times, but it’s also raw, has an incredible cast (Kim Fields, Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes), and can be very funny. That Epps’ character can be genuinely terrible beyond the realm of the average sitcom is part of both its appeal and why it can be tough to chew on at times. However, he does often feel the consequences and it’s part of how this show is excellent at showing the flaws in the good and the beauty in the flawed.
  • It’s devastating that it’s come to this, but here we are about a year after the Trump court overturned “settled law” and we don’t love that society is going backwards at a time it can least afford. Vice airs the important Post Roe America today. We’re sure it will be over the top as is Vice’s way, but this is one topic where the discussion needs to be there.
  • Hulu examines one of the most devastating losses (and often depraved crimes) through the docu-series Still Missing Morgan focusing on a cold case from 1995. Morgan Nick disappeared from a playground 27 years ago, yet some still harbor hope that police will solve the case and maybe even find her alive.
  • New Lifetime movie: Who Killed Our Father?, pretty self-explanatory, we’re out!

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