What To Watch: 02/15/2022

We head to Staten Island for the final chapter of a hip-hop saga, we wonder whether it hurts when certain costumed crooners remove their headpiece, and we’re always ready for a new coming-of-age film.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga [Hulu]
Wu-Tang Clan: is there anything the Staten Island hip-hop collective cannot do? The latest endeavor is Raekwon the Chef starting a cannabis spa across the Hudson in Newark, New Jersey. The third and final SEASON of the biography series about the rap unit with an absurd number of members. I recommend both watching this series and continuing for the 30th year in a row to not f&@% with them.

Eva Lasting [Netflix]
This teen comedy on Netflix follows a few boys as their lives are upended when a mysterious girl enrolls at their all-boys school in 1970s Columbia.

The Masked Singer [Fox, 8p]
What can one say about this show at this point; it’s C- and D-list celebrities wearing elaborate costumes as they compete and get unmasked, one by one. Yes, this is a thing that still exists–and season 9 premiers today… Season 9!?!? Breads and circuses, I s’pose. Still, I didn’t say I’m not going to watch it.


  • A lazy elevator pitch for the Netflix BBC-import Red Rose: Black Mirror but with teens. As students plan a celebratory field day, they find out about a new app that is about to wreak havoc upon their lives. This looks genuinely thrilling, while not sacrificing on the unique drama that comes with that time of life.
  • Are your golf shows not extreme enough for ya. Well, Netflix’s Full Swing comes from the folks who gave us the critically acclaimed Formula 1: Drive to Survive and looks to have the same sort of energy–if maybe a bit subdued because it is, you know, golf.
  • Mila in the Multiverse has one of the more amazing kids show names in the current TV universe, and it looks like it has something for adults as well. The Disney+ series supposedly started earlier this year and also starts today… apparently.
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith is back and in this case, it’s definitely a good thing as she’s producing a Netflix docu-series about, well, as the title itself says African Queens. She also narrates as the show tells the stories of glory from a continent that always gets historical short shrift.
  • Who knew being an English teacher could lead to become a gambling kingpin. We’ve been going about our lives all wrong here in the Scholarly offices (that also don’t exist). In any case, that’s the premise of the Filipino thriller Big Bet, so do with that what you will.
  • Finally, in the slangspeak named Brazian comedy series #NoFilter, Marcelly decides to become an influencer, and may meet some new people (potential love interests) along the way.

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