What To Watch: 02/14/2023

An acerbic Aussie comic’s latest hourlong standup of mixed jokes and rants hits Netflix, leading a busy day of new content for the streaming service which also has multiple new imports and new reality dating shows in picturesque locales.

Jim Jefferies: High N’ Dry [Netflix]
What could scream Valentine’s Say than a new Jim Jeffries special? Well probably a lot of things. But if you are one of those cynical anti-love types, his latest might be for you. Biting and envelope-pushing, Jefferies comedy is the perfect antidote for Hallmark shlock

Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne [Hulu]
There must have been a preview of this a few months ago as I could have sworn this came out a long time ago. In any case, this show featuring the model talking about sexuality and how we need to understand its power, glory, and necessary fluidity. I’m mostly drawn in by her excellent performance as Alice who was both a potential Selena Gomez love interest and possible season two big bad on Only Murders in the Building


  • A new dating show debuting today, what are the odds. Freeform’s new entry takes four American women to the “City of Love” Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oh, wait, no, it’s Paris, France. Love Trip: Paris starts the spraks of romance tonight.
  • Netflix brings us four new imports, in alpha order: the Mexican film All the Places tells the tale of siblings reunited for a road trip on motorbikes; Madrid is a character in the rom-com In Love All Over Again, but more precisely, Julio and Irene are the main characters of the Spanish flick as they fall in and out of love over years and various backdrops; Uche and Toyin are also friends flirting with becoming more repeatedly over years in the Nigerian film A Sunday Affair.
  • We know we said four, but after watching the trailer for the fourth, we felt it deserved its own commentary. The Japanese film Re/Member is a horror edition to the repeating day genre (think Happy Death Day) as friends find parts of a corpse in the high school walls. They are forced to relive the day (and their own murders) until they can, as you can probably guess by now, solve the mystery and escape the loop.
  • A new dating show debuting today, what are the odds. Netflix’s new entry is actually a mish-mosh of its popular–and maybe its unpopular, it’s always hard to tell with the streaming behemoth. Perfect Match takes contestants from The Circle, Love is Blind and other shows on the streaming service to see if they find true love… this time, anyway. What do you ask? Are the contestants attractive and scantily clad? Wait, you’ve seen this–well, or are staring at the image right now.
  • For the same attractives with less big budget, Discovery+ has got your back with the fifth season of Heartbreak Island hitting streams today. That’s all we got; we’re hoping you choo-choo-choose us.

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