What To Watch: 02/13/2023

It’s not the busiest of Mondays, but we’ve got two rec’s from very different worlds: an imported romantic drama and an Adult Swim… well, by now, we’re sure you know what Adult Swim do!

Squared Love All Over Again [Netflix]
This is the sequel to a Polish romantic film that Netflix admits was a runaway international hit, but that also has an abysmal 17% RT rating and not all that great an audience score either, so {shrug}. There’s not a lot today, but this could be blind fun from an underrated market. 

King Star King!/!/!/ [Adult Swim, 12a]
The titular King Star King used to live among the gods, but now he’s fallen to earth. And to beat that, he has to work at depressing waffle joint. Can he overcome amnesia and defeat Spring Bunny to earn his place back in the pantheon? Probably, but there going to be a lot of hilarity before that happens.


  • The series for and featuring those who saw a certain verse of a certain Common song as an aspirational goal now goes to eleven… seasons that is. Come see the drama about the women behind the men who dribble, block, steal and shoot in the NBA on VH1’s Basketball Wives.
  • How many shows advertise themselves FOR their lack of relatability. The only one we know is Vice TV’s Most Expensivist where host 2 Chainz asks that question that will have grammaticists heads spinning. Of a group of items or in a product, “which is the most expensivest?,” be it Hot Wheels or giant robot costumes. Its fourth season hits today.
  • From what we can tell, Bravo’s Summer House is a spin-off of Vanderpump Rules with elements of the Reals–both World and Housewives–so essentially it’s rich people in one abode intermittently getting along, but mostly sweating the small (and surely some big) stuff. It’s somehow seven seasons in and that’s not even counting the winter versions of the same house.

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