What To Watch: 02/12/2022

It’s the big day. There’s a Rihanna concert. We’re excited by a showcase new cooking show with Gordon Ramsay on Fox. There will be cuteness overload in the afternoon as baby dogs and cats “compete” on a fake green carpet with numbers and yellow prongs sticking out. We can’t think of too much else besides another new cooking show on streaming and a LHV movie on UP. Hmmm, strange how quiet this Sunday is.

Next Level Chef [Fox, 10:30p]
Gordon Ramsay yelling is an industry. This time he’s joined by two other chefs who may or may not yell as amateur chefs try to win money through their creations. Its time may vary because of some big game on before it.

Puppy Bowl XIX/Great American Rescue Bowl (aka Kitten Bowl 2023) [Animal Planet, 2p/GAF, 4p]
Wow, it’s somehow both hard to believe that the Puppy Bowl has been going on for a whole 19 years and that it’s only been going on for that long. In any case, you know what to expect: utter adorableness. I think I may have rec’d Kitten Bowl in this space last year, but criminally there wasn’t one. Thankfully, GAF has stepped in and it’s back, but it seems as if they also have added dogs. It’s not as if there’s a market for cat videos on their own. Sigh. 


  • With the title Kitchen Commando, it’s no surprise that its star chef Andre Rush is ex-military, but he is also the White House Chef. It’s also not surprising that this Tubi streamer is produced by Gordon Ramsey as it’s always about 50/50 with a new cooking show that he’ll be involved (and it’s 100% of today’s two new ones).
  • Take a guess at the plot of UP’s new flick Mixed Baggage. Go ahead, we’ll give you five seconds… … well, we’ll stop here because we’re sure your correct as it is about a woman who gets the wrong luggage and it might just lead to true love. Woo hoo!
  • Finally, on Fox, we’ve got Ri-Ri herself performing a bunch of her hits in front of a huge stadium audience of almost 100,000, but we’re not sure what time that will happen.
  • Oh, we heard there might be some sort of important football contest between the Kansas City Chefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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