What To Watch: 02/07/2022

Birds & Biden make for not a bad combo on a Tuesday night, even if no bird has ever quite alit on Biden the way one did on Bernie Sanders [note: this is not an endorsement or mockery of either man, just an observation about a cool moment in avian-Democratic relationships]. We have an acclaimed documentary about endangered birds and a speech by an endangered Biden–not sure what people want from him, he’s coming off a record job growth report and has quietly confirmed the most judges to this point in a presidency, but haters gonna hate. And birds gonna… bird.

All That Breathes [HBO, 9p]
This documentary about two brothers in New Delhi who have devoted their lives to ministering to sick birds has won prizes from pretty much every source possible (Cannes, Sundance, etc.). It looks positively stunning and while there are surely dark forces afoot in it, we do need a dose of triumph of the spirit sometimes. 

State of the Union Address [Various, 9p]
It’s that time of year again… SOTU! What will Biden talk about? Inflation? Covid? Abortion rights? Chinese soy balloons? All of that an more. I just wish he’d take the traitors who supported the insurrection what for. Too far? darn my social conscious. seriously though, Biden’s second year was better than his first and as he starts his third he needs to talk about it–especially about his accomplishments… did you know that there have been more judges confirmed than any other prez in recent history.


  • At first glance, Make It at Market looks like a crafts version of The Great British Bake-off or maybe that’s just the abundance of tents surrounded by lush gardens and cozy piano music. Perhaps a better description is Kitchen Nightmares but with promising amateurs and kind, supportive professionals (in other words, not like Kitchen Nightmares at all). Its premise is established craftspeople in various niches bringing out the best in select, talented amateurs. It’s on Britbox and it looks downright sweet.
  • Nat Geo follows polar explorer Dwayne Fields (yes, we still have those) on an expedition for the special The 7 Toughest Days on Earth. This sounds pretty damn cool, but this blurb would appear to be more than the channel is doing to promote it.
  • History Channel seems to be on an impressive unlikely host kick as two days after Peyton Manning started unveiling the GOATS of history, we’ve got History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan. Well, we guess he was oh so briefly Bond (oh, and Remington Steele), so having him emcee this is not THAT unlikely.
  • It’s a big day for reality shows as The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns on Bravo so we suggest you don’t underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State, and on USA that show we will not name with that pompous Southern ass who is showing himself to be just plain terrible as opposed to charmingly eccentrically jerky. We hate to end with this, but here’s some gentle indie pop from the Weakerthans to hopefully cheer your mood. Not too hard to guess which show inspired the choice.

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