What To Watch: 02/06/2022

We like to say at Screen Scholars that we are not your grandparents’ TV blog (we never ever say that and some of us are old enough to theoretically BE grandparents, albeit of very young children). However, today might be our quaintest edition yet. So grab your teapot, start catching up on that sweater you’re knitting, and curl up with a nice British program or a show about pricing antique objects (or even a new show that has both–see Jason’s pick). In fairness, a couple of the British shows are not particularly “nice.”

C.B. Strike: Troubled Blood [HBO, 9p]
Based on the best-selling novels by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling–thankfully no sign of anti-trans themes in this show), this is the story of Cormoran Strike, a P.I. and war vet, who opens a small office in London. His specialty? Solving crimes that baffle the police. Despite the problematic association of Rowling these days, this show can hold its own with some of the British crime shows now vying for you attention.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries [Acorn TV]
If you’re looking for a cozy British mystery series, one of the newest in the genre is this series featuring Sally Lindsay as an antiques dealer whose expertise helps her solve crimes in the small French village of Sainte Victoire. In addition to the mysteries of each week, there’s an underlying story of the breakup with a thieving husband which gets her into the town in the initial episode. We’re going to guess that Sainte Victoire, like other seemingly quaint towns in the genre, has a murder rate that puts Chicago or Detroit to shame, but if it’s a well-written, fun show, we’ll forgive that. Also, it probably pairs well with either the pick above this or below this.

Antiques Roadshow [PBS, 8p]
The Roadshow visits Santa Fe tonight. A 1977 work of art by Keith Haring is among its treasures.


  • The BBC procedural Bloodlands is anything but quaint; unfortunately, it’s also terribly reviewed so far. It’s a shame, because James Nesbitt who plays DCI Tom Braddock in the Northern Irish show is always a reliable performer in these things. In any case, that’s all we’ve got for this quiet little Monday. So go in peace and we’ll see you tomorrow for more of what you might want to watch. Mmmmm, tea!

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