What To Watch: 02/05/2022

Oh, Baltimore, man it’s hard just to live. However, for sports fans, they have the 2000 Super Bowl and the team with arguably the greatest defense of all time to look back at fondly. Although Scholar Katherine below makes a very good point about why both are just a wee bit tarnished by something sports fans just don’t talk about–that their biggest star likely was very involved in murdering two men the day of the game. We also have a sports man talking history and the first new episode of everyone’s new favorite don’t-call-them-zombies TV show.

30 For 30: Bullies of Baltimore [ESPN, 8:30p]
Tonight’s episode of this ESPN tentpole anthology is a “lively and colorful” looks at the Ravens’ 2000 Superbowl Season. Which is certainly one way to describe the year Ray Lewis witnessed or actually murdered Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar.

History’s Greatest of All Time with Peyton Manning [History, 10p]
Manning’s career outside of playing football has been anything but boring as he shined as an SNL host, innovated NFL analysis with the Manningcast feature he does with his brother Eli, and also coaches against Eli (today) in the NFL’s Pro Bowl… and now for something completely different! This show has a perfect name as Manning is one of two players with a valid argument as the NFL’s GOAT–although as much as it pains me to say it, Tom Brady probably has that one on lockdown for the foreseeable future. 

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
The last episode broke the internet… so where does the show go after? Well it looks like a return to the main story and less of a flashback. As a fan of both video games and TV, I am so happy to see a video game adaption be a commercial and critical success so I am here for where this journey takes us next. Can this be a 22 episode season please?


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