What To Watch: 02/04/2022

Check out the hyperlinked Pedro Pascal promo for his hosting of SNL this week as it’s kinda funny while also being an obvious connection/promo for his excellent new HBO show. The rest of the Saturday is football or Lifetime/TLC-style shows.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Call him Joel! Call him Mando! Just make you sure you call him… host. Yes, Pedro Pascal is hosting this week’s episode. Given the explosive popularity of The Last Of Us, I do hope they do a parody of it that’s as funny as the Mayor of Easttown skit from last year. Also, some up-and-coming band called Coldplay provide the music. Keep on eye n those guys. They are going to be huge!

Sweeter Than Chocolate [Hallmark, 8p]
A chocolatier and TV reporter fall in love when the journalist investigates the candymaker’s true love portion in the form of chocolate. It’s like my mom wrote the whole thing.

Senior Bowl 2023 [NFL, 2:30p]
While it may seem like a lesser college football bowl, if you’re a fan of the NFL draft, this game is almost narcotic as it’s a chance to hone in on some early draft crushes that you hope your favorite team (in my case, the Buffalo Bills) feels the same way about.


  • Author/religious leader/dietitian/big hairdo aficionado Gwen Shamblin lived an insane life that was snuffed out suddenly in a plane crash in 2021. She was also probably not a very kind human as documented in an excellent HBO Max documentary later that year. If you want to know even more, but from a more tawdry source, Lifetime presents the original movie Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation.
  • If you’re behind on the classic TLC argument in favor of wedding-hood, Say Yes to the Dress, don’t feel bad b/c Wikipedia (and almost the whole internet) would seem to be behind on it as well. Wikipedia has it at 19 seasons on the sidebar, at 20 on a table in the entry, yet the little show about trying on outfits for the big day actually has its 22nd season debut tonight.
  • We like to end in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), but their offerings for today turned out to be feature worry. However, we do not fret as GAF has a new movie called Romantic Rewrite, which we’re going to guess before looking is about a writer falling in love with her (or his, but probably her) editor. Ok, GAF, prove us wrong… she’s the comely editor, he’s the blocked mystery writer. But we were pretty damn right there.

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