What To Watch: 02/03/2022

A boy is the lone survivor of a plane crash and must battle his remorse and sadness with the help of other grievers, Colin Kaepernick continues to try to bend the arc of the universe towards social justice–this time in a city once better known for country singers like Merle Haggard, now better known for its overly high homicide rate, while M. Night Shamalayan persists in trying to twist. That’s our three recommendations for this Streaming Friday.

Dear Edward [Apple TV+]
This drama has a very intriguing (if dark) premise: young Edward is the only survivor of a plane crash in which he loses his own family. He connects with a group of victim family members as they try to come to terms with their grief and understand what it’s all about in the wake of a devastating tragedy. Taylor Schilling (who, true story, worked with my late aunt at a museum before she became famous) is a regular as the aunt of sad Edward Adler (played by newcomer Colin O’Brien). Connie Britton is tied to the project but given the picture above shows her on an airplane…

Killing County [Hulu]
Colin Kaepernick’s docuseries is set in Bakersfield, which has a high homicide rate, a lot of crime, and “the most police executions,” per the former 49er. It’s also Kevin McCarthy’s district. (How? Gross.) The series will examine corruption through the lens of the 2013 killing of Jorge Ramirez Jr.

Servant [Apple TV+]
This show has been killing it for a third and final season. i’m glad about this. The show was good but had a danger of being spread to thin had it gone on (remember Lost?)  Creepy nannies, missing (maybe) babies, cults, mental health struggles: this one’s got it all. It’s also created by M. Night Shyamalan. I might be in the minority here but that’s still a selling point for me.


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