What To Watch: 02/02/2023

One of our favorite shows of the past five years (that we’ve strangely written very little about) gets a spinoff that looks much funnier than the original. To be fair, this offshoot of On My Block is intentionally going for more laughs than the original… and from the looks of the trailer, it succeeds. We also remind you of the return (after a short break) of a favorite that we have feted in the form of naming it one of our top ten shows of 2022.

Freeridge [Netflix]
This show is a spinoff of On My Block more in its spirit and location, although word has it that a lot of the original show’s cast will make appearances. Oh and the comedy is much more pushed to the forefront (think Derry Girls in L.A.). The trailer is insanely funny and the early buzz is strong, so if you’re a fan of the original series (or have been meaning to check it out), you should probably give this one a shot.

Mafia Land [Vice, 11p]
Vice has a … reputation, but to be fair they do push envelopes. The latest special report is a bit mysterious beyond its catchy name. Truth be told I can’t find much info on exactly what it focuses on. Given that Vice has covered the state of the Mafia’s influence in Italy, it seems very likely that is what the special will be about. No matter what it will be informative.

Ghosts [CBS, 8:30p]
Sam and Jay’s assistant buys ghost-hunting equipment when he (rightfully) suspects the B & B is haunted. Is the equipment a scam? Will he find out Sam’s secret? 


  • Not a heck of a lot more. HBO Max debuts a Brazian documentary about the country’s beloved pastor and politician accused of her husband’s murder. The 3-parter Flordelis: A Family Crime drops today.
  • It’s a big doc release (dump?) day on HBO Max as the French feature Super Villains: The Investigation looks into the history, significance and motivations of comic book baddies.
  • There’s fewer deaths and far less scheming and scandal in HBO Max’s third new doc, and certainly more references to classic Burt Bacharach-Hal David songs in the celebratory Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over about the legendary singer and, now in her 80s, one of Twitter’s funniest follows.

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