What To Watch: 02/01/2022

Who’s that sad little scrap of paper? You really wanna know? Back in the late 20th Century, an ad exec named David McCall hired songwriter David Dorough and a bunch of animators, and their series of shorts became a Saturday morning staple that assuredly everyone reading this between 30 and 55 are very familiar with. That creation, Schoolhouse Rock!, is now 50 years old and it’s time to celebrate. Also (see above) a bunch of passengers get caught in space and the good news is Josh Gad won’t be there; the bad news is that they are facing all the same issues as Avenue 5‘s cast, and this time it’s not a comedy.

The Ark [Syfy, 10p]
In the 22nd Century, in the midst of colonizing the solar system, one ship malfunctions, most of the passengers die, and the remainder have to figure out how to survive in space as everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. The reviews are not great, but they are also not terrible, and if you’re into this sort of sci-fi thriller, it’s probably worth tuning in and giving it a chance to find its way.

Schoolhouse Rock! 50th Anniversary Singalong [ABC, 8p]
All of us Gen Xers remember this classic series with episodes like  “Three is a Magic Number” (inspiration for a De La Soul classic) and “I’m Just a Bill” It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years, but it has and it’s time for a 50th anniversary special presented by ABC tonight. Black Eyed Peas, Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert, Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen, Julianne Hough, The Muppets and Fortune Feimster, Ne-Yo, Raven Symoné and Kal Penn, and Retta perform; Ryan Seacrest hosts.

Taiwan Crime Stories [Hulu]
This four-part anthology dramatizes true crimes from Taiwan, including murder and insurance fraud, while probing the motives behind the crime. (You know, like Dateline and everything on Investigation Discovery.)


  • The Great British Baking Show: The Professionals is all of The Great British Baking Show you love, minus Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, the tent, the gentility and the amateur bakers… so essentially a completely different baking show. In this spinoff on Netflix, professional pastry chefs battle in pairs for a title. And from what we hear, many fans of the main show are… not overly happy with it. But maybe if you go into its sixth season with no expectations…
  • We’re sure you’ve heard tales of insanely rich folks leaving absurd amounts of money to their pets. However, have you ever wondered what happens to that dog or cat–and their descendents. In Gunther’s Millions on Netflix, Gunther VI did not inherit the money from a rich benefactor, but from his father, also a dog, who inherited it from his dog father, who inherited it from his dog’s father. That final dog is the one who was bestowed riches by a human. It’s a unique idea and should be a lot of fun.
  • Call it A Chorus Line for 2020s Brazil: The Chorus: Success, Here I Go tells the tale of a group of young people who try to find a place to express their art and find fame and fortune by starting at the entry level of a musical theater company. The dubbing looks horrible, but the plot might not be so bad.
  • The first day of Black History Month is a pretty perfect time to bring back the classic spinoff of the Disney Channel animated series The Proud Family for a second season. Bruce W. Smith, the original creator, is also behind The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder which returns on Disney+ today.
  • ABC’s Soul of a Nation Presents: Black in Vegas looks at the rich history of Black singers who have thrived under the bright lights of Vegas: from Sammy Davis, Jr., and James Brown to Mariah Carey. The latter is featured in interviews along with Usher, Janet Jackson, and so many others.
  • BET+’s short documentary Memory Builds the Monument tells a similar story in a less gaudy location. It chronicles the history of Houston’s Matinee Club through the people who performed at the historic club.

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