What To Watch: 01/29/2022

It’s about as quiet a Sunday as you’re ever gonna find… almost… too quiet. Good time for a certain zombie-adjacent show based on a video game to sneak Ron Swanson into the mix.

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
As a fan of the games, i’m loving this show. And it is just going to get better… Nick Offerman makes his debut tonight. It’s already been renewed for a second season. Woo hoo! Just don’t call them zombies. They are clickers people!

Michigan Hell House [Travel Channel, 9p]
I doubt I’m going to watch this and it’s not really my scene, but this show (event?) featuring the “Ghost Brothers” looking into a haunted abode in the Wolverine State looks pretty fun.


  • Former judge Michael Desiato’s soul has been in an asylum since pretty much the first episode of Showtime’s sadness porn Your Honor. Expect more frustrated incorporated nightmares as Bryan Cranston’s now-very-beardy judge continues to spiral three episodes into its second season.
  • And we’ve got a ton of action in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) to close out the week. UP brings us the wonderfully (specifically) named romantic movie Finding Love in San Antonio, about someone (presumably) finding love in San Antonio–hopefully a pair of them or else it might get too weird for an upbeat UP flick. OWN has the returning reality show Dark Nights in the City about true crime stories in NYC. Finally, in the home base of Lifetime, it’s the no-frills title of Vacation Home Nightmare, where we’re gonna guess the stalking takes place in a vacation home, but there’s definitely gonna be some stalking.

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