What To Watch: 01/26/2022

CRITICAL RACE THEORY! Now that all the right-wing racists are gone, today’s a good day to learn what the 1619 Project is really all about, in a documentary of the same name featuring its author itself Nikole Hannah-Jones. We’ve also got Natasha Lyonne playing, essentially, Columbo and a whole bunch of teen wolves.

Poker Face [Peacock]
Rian Johnson, fresh off Glass Onion, directs Natasha Lyonne as, essentially, Columbo. Um, yes. It’s an old-school crime of the week series with Lyonne’s Charlie Cale an ex-casino worker who solves cases where the suspects are portrayed by an astonishing selection of guest stars including Chloe Sevigny, Nick Nolte, Lil Rel, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Ellen Barkin, Benjamin Brown, Rhea Perlman (she’s suddenly everywhere), and Judith Mofo’ing Light!

The 1619 Project [Hulu]
The New York Times launched the 1619 Project in 2019 as a means to reframe the country’s history through the lens of slavery and its consequences–plus the contributions of Black Americans to American culture, which is vast and varied. (It made racists Big Mad, too.) This series will expand on the Magazine‘s essays to explore the legacy of slavery in modern day America.

Wolf Pack [Paramount+]
Oh we miss you Sarah Michelle Gellar! it’s so nice to have you back. it may not be as Buffy, but we will take it. Gellar plays an arson investigator who is sent to investigate some teenagers who may have started a wildlife . But these kids may be… werewolves? Given the title, it’s a definite possibility.


  • On his review site, It’s a Stampede‘s Andrew Wiggan called Shudder’s The Lair “[a] brainless romp of the highest order, which lacks originality or depth”… and that’s in a positive review. And that seems to be the consensus: this military vs. mysterious, powerful creatures flick set in Afghanistan is nothing original or gamechanging, but mindless fun if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Retired wrestler Nikki Bella is ready to tie the knot unless the title of her E! reality spinoff show Nikki Bella Says I Do is intentionally and grossly misleading. The Total Divas cast member wedding plans, parties and talks with her gal pals before presumably hopping on the yacht from Triangle of Sadness.
  • Set in the non-Marvel Thor universe, the anime Record of Ragnarok II (based on a manga of the same name) mixes gods and valkyries with historical (and historical-ish) figures like Nikola Tesla and Adam. The second season–as indicated in its name–hits Netflix today.

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