What To Watch: 01/25/2022

It’s a good day for magic and intrigue and colorful costumes, themes that run through all three of our recommendations in one way or another.

Extraordinary [Hulu]
It’s the latest in the everpresent Superpowers Are Mundane genre (The Boys, Peacemaker, etc.). In this quirky British comedy, everybody in the world has some powers save for Jen (newcomer Mairead Tyers). Her lack of luck extends to her working and love lives as she tries to stay sane with roommates who can talk to the dead and turn back time. It looks like a lot of fun and has been compared to Derry Girls which is itself reason to watch.

Against the Ropes [Netflix]
This bittersweet and charming Mexican drama follows Angela, a mother who tries to win the respect of her daughter by secretly entering the Lucha Libre ring as The Black Bride. I’ve been waiting all month, and I know this will more than fill the hole left by the cancellation of GLOW.

Willow: Behind the Magic [Disney+]
Liked the new Willow series? then you should def check out this special for a peek behind the scenes. Shows like this are never easy to make so getting to see what goes into it is enlightening. i have a soft spot for these Disney+ ‘making of’ specials.


  • While the cliche gift for a 16th birthday is a car, in Mila in the Multiverse, our titular teen star gets a much different present–the keys to travel between dimensions. Newcomer Laura Luz portrays her in the Brazilian series whose first eight episodes hit Netflix tonight. And that’s all we got.

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