What To Watch: 01/24/2022

A pair of growing shows in search of an audience hit season two today and that’s where our recommendations are today:

How I Met Your Father [Hulu]
The spin-off is back for 20 suspenseful episodes (Jesse might not be her father, but they’re a thing, right?) peppered with love for New York City and HIMYM (which was fine enough until the finale).

American Auto [NBC, 8:30p]
Katherine Hastings (Ana Gasteyer) may not know a lot about cars, but she’s a hell of a CEO. This series has made it to a second season and props to a comedy show that focuses on a city and industry that could be depressing in the Detroit motor industry. Sometimes all you can do is laugh and for making that easy we thank you.


  • It’s depressing that the first promo video we pull up for season 8 of I Am Jazz bears the title “Receiving Death Threats,” but that’s the transphobic world we live in these days (and need to change). The groundbreaking TLC series (weird to put those two words together) returns today.
  • Speaking of the world we live in, today’s lone debuting piece of content is the Netflix reality show Physical: 100 in which people from all over the world compete to claim the title of world’s best body.
  • For those who can’t get enough of Dean Winchester, the co-lead of the absurdly long-running Supernatural played by Jensen Ackles, they can give gratitudes to the lords of television as The CW’s The Winchesters returns to finish out its inaugural season.
  • There’s no new Lifetime or Hallmark movie today, so we’ll settle for Rob Lowe in a procedural to end our round-up. The fourth season of 9-1-1: Lone Star debuts on Fox today.

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