What to Watch: 01/23/2022

Back to the Monday world, which unfortunately often acts like a Monday as the new content pickings can be slim. But you just need to know where to look, and today we’re suggesting Netflix, ID, and Acorn are good places to find them, we think.

Narvik [Netflix]
If nothing else, this Norwegian film set during a siege where a small city gave the Nazi army an early defeat looks majestically shot. However, it’s an intriguing backdrop on which to set what its synopsis promises will also be a drama about domestic affairs on the homefront. The trailer does make it clear that there are a lot of familiar WWII scenes.

The Playboy Murders [ID, 10p]
Investigation Discovery’s new murder series examines the “dark side of the bunny” (of which there’s a lot to explore, actually!) Tonight’s premiere is about Jasmine Fiore, whose death instigated an enormous change in reality TV casting, as the model and hostess’s husband had just won Megan Wants A Millionaire on VH1 weeks before committing the heinous crime. Holly Madison hosts the series, so I have a tiny bit of faith that the series will be respectful.

The Daily Show with Wanda Sykes [Comedy, 11p]
Wanda Sykes is up next as a guest host for the daily show. Leslie Jones was good despite a few awkward moments, and Wanda will likely have a similar run. No matter what, the formula always tends to hold and go in some pretty interesting directions as it finds its feet in a post-Trevor world.


  • The New Zealand comedy Under the Vines has pretty great reviews for a show that after two seasons does not even have a Wikipedia page. That second season of the show about people who inherit a vineyard hits Acorn today.
  • The CW brings back a pair of football-themed shows as we reach the stretch run of the NFL Playoffs. All American and All American Homecoming continue their 5th and 2nd season respectively.
  • Kind of a weird time for a tech executive to be The Bachelor‘s bachelor, but here we are: Californian Zach Shallcross will take the mantel tonight on the ABC tentpole.
  • We’ll choose to end this list with Death by Fame, the newest from Investigation Discovery, who based on the way they have upped their trailer game are moving up in the world.

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