What To Watch: 01/19/2022

While it didn’t work last time when producers tried to use the That ’70s Show template (although did you know That ’80s Show featured a pre-Sunny Glenn Howerton?), the ’90s version does bring back Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp as the Formans. It also boasts (at least) cameos from pretty much every major actor from the original series (Danny Masterson likely won’t–and shouldn’t–be back), but we’ll let Scholar Brad tell us more about it.

That ’90s Show [Netflix]
The original was a star-making show for a cast (except the rapist). Will the sequel series do the same? This second sequel still stars Kurtwod Smith so I’m already on board. Netflix doesn’t have the greatest track record with sitcoms so hopefully this can break the curse.

Web of Death [Hulu]
Hulu’s new crime series follows web sleuths, people who utilize the Internet (including DNA databases) to solve unsolved crimes, including murder. That’s usually not great, but occasionally the power of an Internet community can solve a mystery, including the identification of a skully in a bucket of cement at a truck stop.

Sorry About the Demon [Shudder]
I’m all for a genre-bending horror comedy, and this movie appears to meld (500) Days of Summer with, say, The Exorcist. Jon Michael Simpson injects his Joseph Gordon-Leavitt-esque sad lovebird with just a touch of Zach Woods-style affable creepiness as he navigates a new world without his girlfriend (dumped) while battling a house demon (attacking). 


  • If you’re the sort of parent who wants to introduce (indoctrinate?) your children into cool music nerddom–hey, if we Scholars had kids, we would–YouTube original Jam Van picks up the beat Yo Gabba! Gabba! laid down for eight years. Hey, you see Lin Manuel Miranda dancing with a mouse(?) and a dragon(?) up there; how could you not want to at least give it a chance yourself no matter how many cycles on this Earth you’ve survived?
  • We’re not huge anime peeps here, but we love the macabre, and that word’s in the title of Netflix’s Junji Ito Maniac: Tales of the Japanese Macabre. As you could probably guess, it’s an anthology anime horror series from Japan.
  • Netflix has two other imports out today: Saudi Arabia brings us the four-story anthology AlKhallat+, while France’s Women at War tells a WWI story of four powerful women.
  • Finally, we’ll stop at the edge of the L-HV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) as Up delivers more of its special brand of uplifting programming of inspiration with the second series of Mystic, based on a YA novel series about horses, featuring Macey Chapman as Issie Brown as she tries to make new friends in fictional Kauri Point.

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