What To Watch: 01/18/2022

Here at Screen Scholars, we’re feeling a bit mid-January reckless, so we’re going rec-less (recommendations, that is). But we’re still into letting you know what’s new and maaaaaybe good? And we know we’re long past this stage, but it still amazes us that MTV-style dating shows are getting reboots. The latest is Are You the One?, which at least has an interesting premise, with an unlikely mathematical angle. Everyone on an island has been paired by a dating site, but no one knows who’s been paired with who. Miss Teen 2010 Kamie Crawford is the new host of the show–which is now on Paramount.

  • Hot off the heels of being renewed for a sixth season, Freeform’s grown-ish returns for the second half of its fifth season. Man, how the time flies–by now, Yara Shahiri’s Zoey could probably even take off the -ish.
  • If you’re a fan of baked treats prepared by ex-NFL Pro Bowlers (and their friend), you’ll likely enjoy the new Roku Channel cooking show The Cupcake Guys. In the bakery world, the best cupcakes are created by two football players (and their friend), the Bryan Orakpo who mixes the dough and the Michael Griffin who frosts them (oh, and their friend Bryan Hanson who, let’s say, adds the sprinkles). These are their stories.
  • Another new entry on today’s docket is Dirty Old Cars. The History Channel seemed to be getting back to hisrtory for a minute. Well, we guess there were many cars… that were dirty… in history. Sigh.

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