What To Watch: 01/17/2022

Gather ’round young’uns. Back in the olden times, we used to watch television at appointed times on these things called networks. In the 1980s there was this thing called “Must See TV” during which people would spend four hours watching sitcoms. We would start out with [show name redacted] and hang around all until it ended on a little slapstick comedy set in a Brooklyn courthouse. It told tales about a magician judge, straight-laced defense attorney, a lecherous prosecutor, two bailiffs: one tough, one huge softee, and a wise, crochety clerk. In an unlikely turn of events, NBC re-opens the docket with John Larroquette returning as said “lecherous prosecutor” Dan Fielding. No word as to whether either of the other surviving cast members Richard Moll or Marsha Warfield will be returning. That show has had a really high death count.

Night Court [NBC, 8p]
Welcome to Brooklyn Night Court, now in (soft) reboot form. Melissa Rauch plays Abby Stone the daughter of Harry Stone. John Larroquette is back as Dan Fielding. This definitely has potential; I just wonder how many viewers out there remember the original series. I certainly do and hence will be checking it out.

Stonehouse [BritBox]
The story of a disgraced British politician featuring Succession‘s Matthew MacFayden (yes, that’s Tom Wambsgans himself) in the title role. He’s paired with his wife of 19 years and frequent acting partner, the good-in-everything Keeley Hawes. If you didn’t know the man behind the eccentric Wambsgans was British, now you know. That’s acting!


  • The Harlem Renaissance figure whose name most resembles one of our scholars gets the American Experience treatment on PBS tonight. Zora Neale Hurston fit multiple definitions of renaissance woman as she wrote novels, plays, vignettes, and also studied human behavior.
  • The similarly titled CNBC show, American Greed, as its name implies, profiles a very different sort of American instinct as it features profiles in awfulness, real scams like Theranos alongside fake scammers like Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill.
  • We’ll just scrape the barrel bottom with TLC’s 1000 Lb. Sisters returning today. We don’t know if all siblings are roughly a thousand pounds (unlikely) or if the siblings combined reach that weight. If it’s the latter and it’s a large family, they might even come in under the BMI obesity rate. The promo for it promises “lots of newness.” So, shrug.

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