What To Watch: 01/15/2022

It’s a big day for video game adaptations. Of course, we’re talking about Your Honor, based on the classic game where you control angry, corruptible Judge Michael Desiato as he dodges and feigns the law in order to protect his well-meaning, but murderous son. Oh, also Brad’s pick below:

The Last of Us [HBO, 9p]
There hasn’t been that many good video game adaptations out there lately, but there haven’t been to many games with as strong a narrative as this one. The cast is stellar–Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Nick Offerman, Anna Torv. My hopes are high for this post-apocalyptic (don’t call them zombie) thriller. i’ve seen the first episode and so far they’ve done a great job. I love Ellie and Joel.

The Way Home [Hallmark, 8p]
Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, and Sadie Laflamme-Snow star in this multigenerational family drama (if it’s not multigenerational, does MacDowell want it?) about a woman who returns to her small, Candian farm town after her divorce. Naturally, her family of origin is fractured, and secrets are sure to be revealed in time. Date Wayne, he’s the toughest guy in town.

Godfather of Harlem [MGM+]
Epix rolls out its new name (MGM+) with the return of Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson drama for its third season. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched this, but Whitaker is good in everything, so maybe it’s time. 


  • We’re kind of surprised that after all the exhaustion brought by the first season, that Your Honor could find anywhere else to go for a second season. Yet, here we are as Bryan Cranston’s least likeable character (yes, we said it and we stand by it) gets another season of bending the law for his killer son.
  • No, we’ve not been propelled into the 30 Rock-iverse; MILF Manor is something that is happening on an actual cable channel (TLC), greenlit by an actual human… probably. And that’s all we’re saying about that.
  • Could it win a statue at the 28th Critics Choice Awards on The CW tonight? Well, crazy things have happened but probably not that because it will not be eligible.
  • It’s been a month of unlikely celebrity tragedies and near tragedies and quietly we’re still hoping Jeremy Renner is OK after a snowplow accident. Hopefully, the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, in which he stars as political power broker Mike McClusky, starting tonight

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