What To Watch: 01/14/2022

This Saturday, even if it’s a sunless one, might be a much better day to spend in the park or at a rollerskating jam or at the movies, who cares what picture you see… well, we do, which is why Scholar Katherine gave you this excellent guide as she does at the beginning of every month. There’s not a ton of new stuff, and one of the main televised events is a bit gross and sexist. The best bet might be the Korean rom-com pictured above about an awkward budding romance between a teacher and an athlete (who presumably does not attend her school). Crash Course in Romance is on Netflix.

  • The Fire Hunter takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and involves a young man and a child who must band together to save what remains of the universe. We’re not overly anime hungry here, but this Crunchyroll series looks beautiful and thrilling.
  • If anyone cares tonight is the 71st Miss Universe Competition and given that it’s on The Roku Channel instead of a major network. The blast of sexy sax at the beginning of the linked announcement lets you know it’s classy!
  • As we mentioned yesterday talking about the Rob-Lowe-meets-pooch movie Dog Gone (gasp! dog backwards is…), we’ll give a meh piece of content a bit more forgiveness if it involves canines (and felines and, well, most animals). Today that’s the CW clip show World’s Funniest Animals returning for a somethingth season.
  • Finally, in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), most networks are sleeping after the Christmas flurry of new flix, but Lifetime has a new movie and it’s from the stalker side of the aisle, and in the rare case of How to Murder Your Husband is female in the form of the true tale of romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy. And the scribe is played by no fly-by-night actress (or fly-by-day), it’s Moonlighting‘s non-stranger and acclaimed film actress Cybill Shepherd. Quite a get, Lifetime.

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