What To Watch: 01/13/2022

Tragedies abound on this Streaming Friday, but take different forms–from a tragedy averted when a hippie dropping a baby turns out to cause no harm but to a friend group’s psyche to the greatest tradedy of the 20th Century, the Holocaust. The latter is the return of one of the most thrilling small screen programs featuring one of the most over-the-top actors of all time who is, against all plot logic, reappearing in season two.

The Drop [Hulu]
Think of it as a humorous spin on The Slap, this farce surrounds a bunch of friends on a get together who examine their lives and loves (and clumsiness or lack thereof around human lives) after one of them drops their baby on the concrete. He’s OK, as the trailer makes very clear, but it does shift the vacation’s tone. It’s from the Duplass Brothers so that might factor into whether you think you might want to watch this. The reviews are mixed.

Hunters [Amazon Prime]
The second season is here. Not everyone liked the first season, but i loved how the nazi hunters are essentially superheroes. plus it’s always great seeing nazi’s get their asses kicked. Al Pacino is back for season 2 (don’t ask me how) so this season is set to be as fun as the first.

Trial By Fire [Netflix]
A couple’s resilience (ew) and strength is explored after their children die in the Uphaar Cinema fire in this Indian series.


  • You think there’s be more quarantine horror than there is. Scream creator Kevin Williamson is behind Sick on Shudder and between those credentials and the premise of adding a layer of poor Pandemic practices to the list of sins which can make you a target of our big baddie this one has promise.
  • If you want a near sure thing horror experience, the third season of the critically-acclaimed Apple TV+ series Servant starts its fourth and final season. Perahaps M. Night Shyamalan is in his best slot as a showrunner these days.
  • Break Point looks at the state of professional tennis by profiling the up-and-comers in the sport–which includes the daughter of the owners of the Buffalo Bills, so Jason will likely be watching this. It’s from the creators of Formula 1: Drive to Survive and it’s on Netflix.
  • If the idea of putting Rob Lowe in a movie with a dog seems like an idea that would work better 40 years ago, well the critics would seem to agree as Dog Gone has got an abysmal sub-40 grade on Metacritic. Then again, one of the things that IS in the rule book about bad dog movies is they can at least be a cute and fun distraction, well, unless we’re talking Top Dog which has Chuck Norris and, we’re not making this up, an elderly lady casually opining about why the best day to stage a White supremacist terrorist event is Hitler’s birthday.
  • In addition to Katherine’s choice, there’s a plethora of inports hitting streaming today. In alpha order we got: Spanish comedian Silvia Abril and actress Toni Acosta celebrate their 50th birthday in grand reality show style by embarking on multiple challenges in The Big Soiree on HBO Max; it’s Spain day on the streaming service as it also brings us the madcap comedy, I Don’t Like Driving about a guy who does not like driving; finally, there’s the return of Sky Rojo, the seductively flashy road heist show that hits its third season this year. And feel free to send in El Guapo to knock me in the head with a large number of pinatas to remind me I don’t know what a plethora is.
  • Apple TV+ takes a look at the brave people battling the violent and corrupt forces of organized crim… no, wait, organized football (the soccer kind of football). Between Josh Oliver, the Netflix documentary, and simply being a sentient being in the world, most people are aware that FIFA is incredibly corrupt and should not be in charge of the sport. Super League: The War for Football takes a look at the forces who are battling to be the heart of the most popular game in the world.

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